My absolute favorite video.


-snow and lights-

There is something about this video that is very different somehow…it touches.  Many can amaze, but this is different.  I know a lot of us are fond of a more flowing style.  Adam seems to transcend this and venture into the lyrical.  Its both soothing and inspiring at the same time.

So, what are your favorite return top videos?  Not necessarily the most technically impressive (but it certainly can be.)  I’m wondering which videos really strike you as unique, and inspire or amaze you in unexpected ways.

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This one is just pure fun

(SR) #4

That one is one of my favorites.

Also another Jensen Kimmitt video for your enjoyment.

Also, I’m always dumbfounded after I watch this video. The flow is incredible, Guy Wright is incredible. Every yoyoer must see this video.

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Guy Wright Is great. SO jealous of that c22!

just a compilation video, but i love it to death


I’m amazed no one posted these ones

absolute favorite in the “completely insane” category


absolute favorite in the “beautiful movie” category

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i have a few…

this one just looks super fun.

This one just makes me feel good. plus Jensen is back!

and lastly…

This video is probably my all time favorite. One of my favorite songs and its markmont!


There are so many, but I think I’ve narrowed it down to my top three.

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I agree completely.


I have a lot of favorites, but I think the one that comes out on top every time is Danny Severance’s Jenkem Dreams.

Adam Brewster’s Bend and Fold is a very close second. These two videos along with How To Be A Player have probably had the biggest effect on the way that I play.


this has been added to my favorite yoyo videos… He has the perfect mix of technical tricks that experienced yoyoers can enjoy, but they still have that sort of flare to them that beginners and non-yoers can also enjoy… it is also really well done and just a great video. Bravo

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Ryan Perez has inspired me since I started 3 years ago!

I have literally dissected this video a billion times. Zach Gormely 2012

And then this happened

But I still love Chuck… a lot.


this was and will always be the most creative and beautiful live performance by a yoyoer. Period.


agreed on that one from the previous poster, jensen’s world 2011 performance is as good as they come.

the winning FS this year was fairly good too, not as enjoyable because it still was a contest winning FS, but amazing nonetheless


Jensens performance was just so… new i guess. Instead of doing the competitive approach and trying to kill it and get as many points as possible… he just takes it slow and tries to actually put on a show, adding a very artistic touch to the performance you only really see in videos and not on stage.