Favorite Yo-Yo Video's Thread

Post some of your favorite yo-yo video’s of all time in this thread, and share them with the YYE community! It may be a freestyle, a general yo-yoing video, one of Samad’s videos, whatever! When you post the video, explain why you like it. Post, Post, Post!

Here are some of mine-

My all-time favorite is “I Punched BoxThor in the Catch 22.” It features my favorite player Guy Wright. I have my mouth open every time I watch it, it never get’s old.


Probably my second favorite is a video called “Zach Gormley 2009” obiously, by Zach Gomley, one of my abosolute favorite players.

One of my other favorites is “Practice” by Jensen Kimmitt. Such a good video, Jensen is also one of my favorite players.


The next video, I think is, is very well done. The tricks are amazing, some of the best I’ve seen. Features Tyler Severence, another one of my favorite players. Here we go- “Long Johns.”

Ah… another one by Jensen Kimmit. This is his one is Jensen’s one minute freestyle (or at least was supposed to be) a very well done video with amazing tricks.

Another one of my favorites is called “box 09” by boxthor. This is an amazing video taken at Worlds 2009. Augie’s freestyle at the begining is the best ever.

Here is just an awesome video… very well done, very good tricks. Was my favorite for awhile- “It’s Never Been Like That” by Gerard Amento.


Haha, this one is one of our very own Samad’s videos. This is great… it’s called, “I Love YoYoFactory.”


Another one of Samad’s videos. All of his vids are just awesome somehow… this is his entry for the “Battle Royale” video contest.


Well those are some of my favorites, post yours! If I find anymore, I’ll post them here!

Your Future’s With Us
by David Ung

Awesome song, and just amazing.  Guy Wright is the shizzle.


Lol wow you guys already took my favorite videos :frowning:

You did NOT just make this thread :stuck_out_tongue:

I have an unbelievable amount of favorites… here we go:

Anything by Palli. But I watch grapes over and over

5Yay… best 5a video evar

Very well made:

This video rocks in every aspect. Great music, tricks, and filming. Soooo sweet:

I <3 Behold the Lion

Filmed veery well. But the music is gone :frowning:

This video is soo kick butt!

A FS I always watch:

Paul Han rocks. My fav FS from him:

Chuck owns you. Hard. In the face. With a hammer.

I’ll get more tomorrow, I got to sleep…



This video is just awesome. Lots of great yoyoing, and i think it sums up worlds 09 really well.

Thats quite list there Samad.

Grant Johnson is amazing… :smiley:

Ok…I know this will take a while, but I’m bored. Why not, I’ll list them all!

First, Some contest videos:

I love to watch Kim-Lan’s freestyle a lot. It blew me away that she didn’t make finals.

I also like to see Tyler Severance go against Yoshi. Probably my favorite part of DXL.

And another DXL video. The final of 2A, so amazing.

I also like watching Samad’s freestyle for BLC. Even though it wasn’t his best performance, I like to watch friends on stage.

I also loved wattching Baldo’s 5A at BLC. Amazing freestyle.

Yoshi Mikamoto’s 2A freestyle at BLC was so amazing. I was shocked he didn’t win.

Ok, now contests I didn’t go to.

Jensen’s BAC freestyle was very amazing. Loved it.

Jensen’s Worlds freestyle was amazing as well.

Also, Shinji Saito’s Wolds 2A freestyle was very amazing.

That’s about it for contest videos. Next…some real videos.

An ol’ classic one I have always loved. I punched boxthor in the Catch22.

I was also in love with VK. Very amazing 3A and 1A in this one.

I also like Logan’s Peak Video very much.

Now how 'bout some Zach videos?

I love all those very much.

Some Samad videos again:





I also like Palli videos, mainly grapes.

Long Johns…I was in it, great video. Not much else to say.

Also by David Ung, Your future with us is amazing.

Gerard is so awesome. one of his bast videos were defenently Its never been like that.

Probably one of my favorite videos ever, I love to watch 5Yay…eh? a lot.

Also one on my favorite videos, Yosemite Escape is very amazing.

I always like Grant’s videos, I loved Stronger and Legacy yoyo a lot!

I’m missing a LOT. And I mean like…I’m missing over 100 more videos. Yes, my list is long is you haven’t noticed.  :)  :stuck_out_tongue:

Here is an offstring videos with Fajar Siddiq
He uses speed beetles for offstring and soloham in the end of the video

Also a Paul Han video

Well, if I go into the “favorites” thingy on youtube, I see these videos:

“Breeze” by Raytsh

Vashek and Yuuki

Yomega Fun! by Josh Yee =)

Recap by Andrew Robinson

And, the video that I feel got me to the level of skill I’m at today (which still isn’t that great):
Revolution in Prague by Vashek Kroutil

If you have not seen it, watch it now. Even though it’s two years old.

I just thought I would bring up this post again. I added some of my favs- Zach Gormley, Gereard Amento, Samad Patel. So yeah… keep posting your favorite videos if you haven’t already.


First up is JonRob’s freestyle from NER 2007. This is amazing, especially the beginning and end.

Next is Tyler Severance at Worlds in 07. One of the best 5A freestyles of all time.

Third is Tyler’s freestyle at Nationals 07. A cleaner version of his Worlds performance, but not quite as epic.


Fourth is the Delaware 5A video. THE BEST 5A VID OF ALL TIME!!!

Next up is Justin Weber at MAR 07. Amazing 1A

Sixth is Justin Weber at VA States 08. This is a great freestyle until the last trick (when you can hear Tyler saying, “What the…” That is the most amazing 1A trick I’ve ever seen.

Untitled from Tyler Severance on Vimeo.

This is a vid from when Mitchell’s was closing. It has just about the best lineup you will ever see in one vid.

This is the promo video for the SPYY PURE Gold. Nasty 5A.

The promo video for the Trainwreck was awesome and hilarious at the same time!

This is a mediocre freestyle as far as Tyler’s go, but the first Brain Twister combo was amazing.

This Worlds winning performance is arguably the best freestyle of all time.

Amazing freestyle by Tyler.

This is one of my favorite 1A vids.

This is a great freestyle by Mason McCall.


Amazing performance by John Ando.


Jensen Kimmitt = Win.

This is probably my favorite video ever.


Kaibun by Sid Seed is an amazing vid.


Amazing freestyle by Tyler Severance at Worlds this year. In my opinion he deserved 1st place.

this thread really needs some mikhail

I can’t believe we forgot him. I used to worship his videos when I was just starting.

That was amazing.
I actually only have one favorite and that was Kentaro Kimura’s 09 3a vid. That vid just blew my mind.