What videos have been particularly inspiring to you, and why?


I feel like we all have those yoyo videos that we watch over and over, not just for the tricks, but because of the way they make us FEEL about yoyoing. What videos inspire you to be a better thrower? Or motivate you to learn, practice, compete, etc.?

Personally, I’ve probably watched the Anthony Rojas 2011 video about a thousand times, along with a few different Jason Lee videos and all of Jensen’s stuff. The tricks, aesthetic elements, and overall feel of the videos all keep me coming back time and time again. What are yours?



My all-time favourite video. I don’t know why but I just find Vasheks style incredible.


I’ve gotta agree with you on the Jason Lee stuff. Also, on that Anthony Rojas video, I can practically promise half the views are mine. Any Guy Wright video is killer too. Anyway, I love these videos mostly (and here comes the long list):

And the best freestyle ever:

(M.DeV1) #4


That Charles haycock one is truly inspiring…

(M.DeV1) #6

He had the best freestyle at PNWR in my opinion. It was great seeing it in person!


I watch so many videos it’s hard to say. I’ll have to think about it. Palli’s new video is my favorite of late, I’ve been watching it in hopes of getting some much needed inspiration (which has been eluding me recently).


Totally agree. It was awesome to see it live.


The R-Special video series by Riccardo Fraolini. They remind me of how fun yoyoing can be with friends. And he has crazy tricks…


One of my all time favorites from one of my favorite players.


This video inspired me to really delve deeper into yoyoing. Just has that super fun vibe to it.


clyw’s Recess.




This video is my all time favorite video, I will never get over it.  I absolutely love it.

(Jei Cheetah) #15

honestly speaking, the only two videos that ever had a lastin impact on me inspirationally wise,

It would be 1A43v3r and EX3CUTE


Spencer Berry’s Demo at Finnish Nats last year

John Bots MWR 2009 1a freestyle

The Sweet Touch by Drew Tetz

Sid Seed AP freestyle from 2008

Ronin by Ed

And a bunch mores by the same guys.


I’m constantly drawing inspiration from videos, but what immediately came to my mind when I saw this thread was this video:

I saw that video, and it was just so much fun, especially considering the stupid song. This is the video I saw and I vividly remember telling myself “I have to learn to do this.” Needless to say, I went on to watch many more Jensen videos. Vashek Kroutil’s Berlin 2011 video that was previously posted also stands out to me quite a bit.  :slight_smile:


I’ve watched plenty of videos, but none have inspired me, until this one that Shadowz143 posted on page 1.


Well, first, Andre’s tutorials. Not even a question. Those got me into unresponsive.

But since then, another early vid I saw was still probably the most influential for me. I actually don’t even know who it was, just a member here showing a little bit. He was certainly smooth, but he wasn’t doing insanely hard tricks so it wasn’t intimidating to me.

What specifically was inspiring was that, at that point, I was working on tricks verbatim out of Andre’s set. Then, in this person’s video, in the middle of a combo he went into double or nothing from trapeze, and then bounced back out to trapeze instead of going into matrix or something like I’d expect to happen based on that move. That little element made me realize “OMG, you can actually be creative!” It changed the way I looked at playing from then on.


My favorite video ever:

Not only is it my most imspiring, it is the video that got me into music.

And this has recently given me tons of inspiration: