legyoyo X abby1371 collab of the century i think..

My first collab enjoy! i hope you enjoy seeing it as much as i had making it! also give legyoyo some credit as well!

Pretty cool video ;D


It wont link it to the video , im using my phone

oops here’s a better link for ya mobile users http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nW0rKWALc7A&feature=youtube_gdata_player

nly suggestions i have is/are put a little more editing in.

Some cool tricks, but you guys need smoother binds!

Pretty Sweet! I like the collab. How long have you each been yo-yoing?

Nice work, guys!

Abby, did you start using shorter strings, or are you just getting more and more smooth? :smiley:

Yeah I do. More recently I’ve been working on it, but as you could tell, it was very recently :smiley:

Also thanks for the compliments guys. It’s hard for me to approve of my half, But Abby did a fantastic job, so applaud her editing and trick half!

And to answer your question, I’ve been yoyoing sometime over 2 years (I think). And obviously the majority of it was not learning, lol

kinda it mostly keep the string length at my chest like I always have. I Just like it longer but mostly have been trying to smoothen out combos and make it look nice. As of right now that stuff is dated cause Half of the tricks in that video now look completely different cause I’m still working on more and more stuff. Oh for me yo-yoing wise it’s been about 2 and 1/2 years. (it might be a little more not sure though.) I’m a slow learner at things cause some of the tutorials I find as bad but everyone is learning from them.

Nice job on the video the tricks were really good

Thanks im still working on more now lol now i consider hat technical outdated. side of my tricks as now of outdated IMO cause i learned more tricks and put in a bunch of combos.

Dunno if it was the collab of the century, but I was VERY impressed. Nice work, bo th of you, there were some really cool tricks in there.

I agree with the comment that a little editing could clean it up a little, but I hate to even say that, as I was pretty impressed with the quality of the tricks going on.

That was a lot of fun.

yeah believe me i tried my best with editing but with past experience of editing i find it hard to edit out mistakes and still make it look “smooth”

Well, regardless of the edits or small mistakes, it is pretty great. Nice job to both of you.

thanks you do not know of the hardship I had to go through to get this video out to the public! It was mostly weather issues on what days he could do the video on. That and me making him retake some Yoyo footage and such… Cause I wanted a half decent video.

Well the video turned out great good work abby and leg

Nice ^.^ I like it :slight_smile:

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