Am I good???

editing and yoyoing wise

just dont hate, if theres a problem say ______ could be better

this is not a pity post so dont call it one lol

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Your tricks are good. I feel like they’d be even better if you cut your string. It really helps with speed, flow, and accuracy. ;D

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Id say im a little better than you, but you are better than me on camera. I get mega anxious, and i have yoyoing 2 times longer than you :confused:

WOW! dude, you were 10x better than i was at 6 months, i applaud you.

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Agreed! You’re still a growing young man, so the “a couple inches above the bellybutton” guideline probably isn’t going to work; however, there’s a middle ground. I’d say you can sacrifice a good 6-10 inches of string and still have enough for your tricks. But that’s a rough estimate from watching a video, only you can decide how much you can lose.

It will definitely feel weird at first, but I think it’ll be worth it.

But you’re here to hear opinions on the video! The editing was really good. The edit was helped greatly by proper exposure on the camera and good choices for natural lighting.

The tricks were nicely done, especially for the amount of time playing.

Nice work!

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I totally agree. Also,what song did you use?

Like others have suggested definitely cut your string a little shorter. It does help alot with smoothness and flow. Overall looks good but a shorter string will help with smoothness.

Super Rich Kids by Frank Ocean

I love that song ;D


When making an edited video (like this one), never include footage of missed string hits, binds, suicides, etc. Either re-do the combo or omit it completely. You should also plan your combos out before you throw (for an edited video). You would pause frequently to think of what trick to do next. Writing down a “set list” before filming will help with this. The visual reference will also help you manage your combos, to make sure you don’t repeat any elements.

Those are just some ideas for your next video.

Are you good at yoyoing? I would say yes. You have some very neat tricks and some nice style while throwing. Keep up the good work dude.

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James, you are one of my favourite players around here, so it is with the utmost respect that I have to disagree. I absolutely LOVE seeing players mess up occasionally. When those moments are in pro videos, it reminds us that the player is only human; one of us!

I had a “fail, fail, BOOM!” section in one of the only videos I made, and I think the video was better for it.

I would never advocate always showing ALL the mistakes, but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with keeping a few well-timed flubs in there at the right time. I mean, if the intention is to show an awesome combo, you probably want to do the flaw-free edit; but if the intention is to just share a bit of yourself, you can either leave a flub or two in, or put them in a mini “blooper reel” or something.

Perfection is the enemy of good!

I know what you mean… Adding one or 2 misses can add character, when used as “color” in my opinion. Like ending a combo with a GT suicide, but missing and getting a knot. Or missing a bind, and giving a cheeky look to the camera.

An error in the middle of a combo just feels unprofessional to me though.

To each his own!

And you are probably my favorite forum member Greg, so absolutely no offense taken! :smiley:

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Thanks man!

Nice vid! I’m going to disagree with the group by saying, ‘keep the string at YOUR desired length’. For your style of play it seems to flow for you. Keep up it.

That was really good!

How long have you been yoing?

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Thanks! That means alot coming from THE Nemyo

About 6 months