Window (yoyo project)


Just a project I threw together. Turned out quite good, I think.


Nice Video!!

One tip: if you mess up on a trick, just redo it, don’t leave it in.

Great Video man, just get it a tiny bit smoother.


Great video!

If you can though, try to make your string more visible, but I can see it ok.

(Zach Smith) #4

That was great. Really. The overall style was interesting. I really liked it. The way you walked with the camera to different locations was cool, and your yoyo style is starting to manifest as you get better. Super chill vibe about it. I like it. You also didn’t make the all too common mistake of putting together like an hour long video. You had enough tricks to fill up a certain amount of time and you didn’t go overborad. The only thing I suggest is, like gm user said, make your string more visible. Try a darker shirt, or a color that contrast’s the color of your string. Other than that, it was fantastic. Two thumbs up. ;D


Thanks for all the feedback guys, it’s very helpfull. I’ll be sure to work on the smoothness, but a lot of that comes with experience, which I’ve been trying to gain through at least an hour of practice every day.