My newest video :D

Please comment :smiley: Enjoy  ;D

Nice tricks but bad quality. Really good though!

Pretty cool stuff there! You’ve got some good skill and some good ideas. However, if I may recommend a couple of things:

  • Work on your smoothness. Your tricks can be AWESOME, but if they’re all choppy, they’re not that interesting. A good rule is that, unless you’re showing us a particular formation (like a triangle or a picture), then the trick should not stop moving. Something you might want to try to work on this is to cut your string.

  • It wasn’t necessarily easy to see what was going on all the time. That could be the poor camera quality, but just always be conscious of your lighting, and wear a darker shirt. The white string against the white lettering on your shirt made it pretty hard to see.

You’ve got great potential though. I look forward to seeing more from you in the future!