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vid of mine…
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Good work…keep at it…

However, it would be nice if it was a bit brighter and clearer so we could see some of the tricks, lastly work on your flow…

Other than that, very good, keep it up


work on string visibility

Yeah, I couldn’t see practically anything in the first vid, ut there was a huge improvement in the second.

Keep on going! ;D

Not sure what you were talking about cause the second was as bad as the first.

Listen I’m sure these guys mean well, but they were a little too nice.

I couldn’t see the string at all, which kind of defeats the purpose of a yoyo video. If you told me it was invisible, I would have believed you. To fix this you need better lighting and brighter string. It wasn’t any kind of smooth; there was no flow between tricks, and they were really klunky. Its obvious that you just started so I’m sure you will get better. Just practice some more and then try to make a video.

And listen, I didn’t mean for this to be a hate post, I just wanted to give you a little constructive criticism. OK? :slight_smile:

Hmm, I guess you’re right, but, he didn’t just start, he’s around 7-8 months, and he’s my neighbor. As for quality, it was icky, hard to see for sure. If you want to make a good quality video, I can lend you my camera or something, otherwise, Great Job.