Locked Out (First Video)

Watch in HD pwetty pwease :wink:

Yoyo: CLYW Avalanche


Let me know what you think!

Solid music, solid tricks, awesome style.

I think you need to be further back or something though to see a bigger view of your tricks. Also maybe use a yoyo and string that stick out better or use better lighting.

Thanks for the feedback! I was kinda going for the dark look on this one though. I agree the yoyo is hard to see being that it’s black, but the string is plenty visible in my opinion.

Were I to do it again I probably would step back a foot or so.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

the string is alright yeah, I just want to see those tricks better cuz they were slick!

If you want to do the dark thing, maybe get a blacklight and make everything glow :wink:

Good idea! Perhaps I’ll make another video showing the tricks better without trying to be so artsy, or maybe just a trick from a few different angles if there’s one people want to see.

That scumbag spy is camping D:<

Hey! That scumbag spy is me!

And that was a 30 point life thank you very much :wink:

The lighting was a tad weak, but other than that, good work.

I love TF2 almost as much as yo-yoing. Love your TF2 channel too btw. You should add me, same name on steam as here!


hey nice but you cant really see the yoyo so i think you should use a brighter yoyo or have brighter lighting

It looks(?) like you have some good skills. And the white string helps.
You are too close to the camera and the room is too dark to see what you are doing!

the tf2 in the background was rather distracting…

you removed it -.-

He might have thought it was bad from all the comments.

But no, people are helping you. In other words you can improve your next video with all these comments :slight_smile: