Rhaps0dy yoyo!!!

new vid-
(constructive criticism is very much appreciated)

8) 8) 8)

ya great, but more light. more outside… cant really see the string

its soooooo humid where i live, so of your outside for more than 5 mins, your hands start sweating… :stuck_out_tongue:
so yeah…

Wow, I really like the speed of your tricks! You are really good! One tip is to get maybe some orange string so you can see the string better, and maybe find a better lighted room to shoot your vid. But like I said, I enjoyed the video, and you are a really good yoyoer. :slight_smile:

~James Reed!

That was a great video, but like James said, try to have better lighting. ;)Just curious, what yoyo were you using?

It says what yoyo he’s using at the end of the video…

ILYY Fury and YYJ Fiesta

That was awesome… your style is awesome… more lighting would have been better though as said before… more 4a would have been better.

im working on 4a alot, i just dont have that many tricks… next vid should be at least 50% 4a.

i cant wait for the next vid.

so fast. Lovin it!