Just Yoyoing watch it

Hey guys i have been inactive into the yoyoing video world. Here are some of the tricks i have been learning. Please comment and tell me what you think.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VgWyE0Yh65o

Nice Man!

cool yoyoing man! how long have you been throwing?

Thanks. Not sure but i think i’ve been throwing 7 months going to 8 months.

that was pretty good for 8 months

Cool but sometimes it was hard to see the string.

really good for a first video.


better lighting: you always want the light source to be in front of you, above the camera. it helps so we can see better.

string/shirt/wall color: you never want any of these 3 things to have the same color. it makes it too hard to see the string in the video.

Time: your video was a little long. usually 3 minutes is a good long video. any more than that and it gets boring and repetitive. but do not cut off in the song at a bad point. you don’t need to play the whole song, but cut it of at a point that sounds good.

scenery change: it is more exiting when there are a lot of different places in the video. considering this is your first video, it is ok, but it helps for later videos.

very good though.

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Yah Thanks

i like it but if you play more smooth it will better but nice combos

btw i like your dc tshirts :):):)::slight_smile:

Im beginning to think that he likes dg.

didn’t he say sorry for bad camera?

but thy damage hath been delt. And that doesn’t change the statement that it is hard to see the string. Not being mean but just truthful.