viewers input needed

So im planning on making my first video. It is not to get “noticed” or sponsored. It is just for fun and to somewhat document where im at thus far. Although i am making the video for myself, my intentions are for my fellow throwers of all ages and skill levels to enjoy it as well. What are some tips or suggestions that you guys cN share with me to make it enjoyable all around.

Good Camera
Good lighting
Land your tricks

That’s pretty much all, the rest is up to you.

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  1. I would suggest the video be at least 1:30, and at most 3:00.
  2. When you think about where you do the video, pick a place that contrasts with your string color; matching colors can ruin visibility.
  3. Take your time when you are filming tricks. If you are talking or if you make a small mistake, you have ruined a clip. Take a moment before each throw to make sure that you aren’t doing anything.
  4. Think very carefully if a clip adds something to the video or if it takes away. Cut out anything that makes the video look less professional than the rest of the video.
  5. If you are going for a very good video, try to coordinate the tricks with the music; you can do this by rearranging the clips or adding in blank spaces.
  6. You can avoid most mistakes by looking at the clip after filming, and then deciding whether to keep it or not.
    I hope that helps. :slight_smile:
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^ my bro knows what’s up.

Don’t get carried away with special effects. Actually, I would recommend not using them at all in your first video. The large majority of videos don’t use them at all.

The background you choose sets the mood for the video, so choose wisely.