My First Video


It probably sucks, but we all had fun. Both of us have only been doing our hobbies for about 3 months. Please give us feedback on how we can get better!


Nice job on your first video, especially for only three months. A couple things I would suggest are; first, make every second count. When you make the video, ensure that every second is used well. You don’t have a ton of time, and neither do your viewers, so try to make good use of every moment. Second, editing out your mistakes. A yoyo video is made with the intent to show your talent, so it doesn’t make sense to show your mistakes too. Good job overall though. For the most part, I like the editing. Also, for only being a yoyoer for three months, you are making great progress. I hope you find this at least remotely helpful!


Thanks, I will keep that in mind next video. The thing was, we were gonna use a song that was about a minute and a half long, but the song never made it to the video (due to our ability of editing lol). I completely agree with all of the tips you gave me. Thanks for helping!


Good job for three months!! way better than i was! The only bad thing i can say is about how you chose to transition. The weird wobbly transitions are kinda distracting. (and you cut them off before the trick is finished) you need clarity in your video, people want to see every little nuance of the trick. Just a little friendly advice! Good job!


Thanks for the advice! I’m planning on getting a tripod so that every clip will be stable. Plus, I will be using a better editing software.


what these guys have said plus try to work on your focusing the vid is a little blury at some points good job though


Great first video!

You should zoom in alittle and be aware of your backgrounds i.e. clothes, colors etc. You want to make sure your yo yo shows up nice and clear.


Yea, maybe blue string wasn’t such a good idea lol. Next video, I plan to use yellow string and wear a dark shirt. Would that make the string visible? Thanks for the advice and feedback!


Very good. Try some new angles. Sometimes I put the camera on the ground and have it face up. Yoyo above it.


I actually really like that suggestion! Will do, thanks!