My First Yoyo Video - Comments appreciated!!!


I would really love to hear your guys’ comments on this.  Since it’s my first video, I figure I could use all of the feedback that I can get.  Thanks in advance for any input!

This is my fist yoyoing video.  I hope you guys like it!  Filmed in HD, so enjoy!


First, you got some skills with the camera. You understand setting up the shot. But, are you getting help? Some of your shots are too tight, some seem to me too wide. There seems to be a usage of pro gear and some knowledge of an NLE system, which is good. Good editing.

First video? Impressive.


Thanks, I appreciate the critique.  Do you think you could tell me the times of some of the specific shots that were too tight or too wide?


That was actually very impressive.


I would but I’m doing a lot of other stuff right now. If I remember, I’ll try to get to it tomorrow and get really specific.

Basically, people want to see the whole shot and keep the yoyo into the screen the whole time. You had a few where the yoyo went out of shot.


Don’t worry about it.  That explanation helps a lot.  Thanks a lot for the tips!


That was really good. how long have you been yoyoing?


Thanks! I am a few months short of two years now.

By the way,
This video was primarily created for a non-yoyoer audience, so I tried to do some less technical, and more interesting tricks.


Nice vid 8)


you’re definitely good! the video quality is also pretty impressive! Keep it up!


Less technical? I’m also a few months short of two years and i’m yet to handle horizontals…even the easy ones.

Thats some good stuff.

(M²) #12

Good yoyoing, good editing. If Dr. Yoyo notices this I can see it going into after the jump.


From, in every ‘After the Jump’ post he says,’‘The BEST way to get me to notice your video is to post it on’’



That was freaking awesome! I really hope you’ll make more of these!


Thank you so much for your comments! Your encouragement means a lot!


I just stumbled across your video. Nice Job!

And it’s good to see another yoyoer in Utah County.


You are from Utah County too? That’s awesome!


Really good man can’t wait for more videos. :slight_smile: