I was bored...

While doing homework, making strings, and yoyoing, I picked up my camera to do some quick filming

Good video, try for a darker background though, couldn’t really see the string. :slight_smile:

Your hands sure moving in interesting directions. Its a shame I couldn’t see the string at all. Get a dark shirt.

Thanks you both for the constructive critisisim.

I’ll try to make the string more visible

try to make the string visible by wearing a dark shirt and light string and try to smothen out your tricks

The string matter’s been discussed. And I personally don’t think those tricks were choppy.

Yeah I agree with ya Paolo, the tricks were good, besides its one of those quickly-throw-together-videos-and-make-stuff-up-as-we-go kind of videos. Not a put-together-an-amazing-video-for-a-contest-or-sponsor-or-anything-to-that-effect video. lol :smiley: