I’m trying to figure out how to use my brothers camera, what do you think of this test?  :slight_smile:

That was really good! The only thing I’m going to recommend is too cut down on the slow mo and save it for your bangers :slight_smile: Also I love throwing to that song!

Hey, thanks for the recommendation! (I’ll keep it in mind for my next video) Also i think i can create a better video than this so i’m going to try to make a new video soon.

The string is hard to see in some backgrounds be careful what color string you use using neon yellow helps the string pop.

I wasn’t very happy with how the string turned out in any of the tricks, except for the last trick. I think part of this was the shirt i was wearing as well as the lighting outside. I’ll probably try blurring the background and making sure it’s darker. Right now the only color of string i have is neon orange, ill be sure to make it pop out next time now that i am a little better at using the camera.