YYF Cypher

(Erik Kerber ) #1

This is a new video I made with the YYF Cypher.

What do you think?


One thing…

The light…
The string and the contrast from the bright yellow light on the ground makes the string seem kinda faded. Play with how you use the background.

(Erik Kerber ) #3

Ok thanks


Good job!

But for future reference, try to have your yoyo a different color than the shirt you have on, and like Dragonegs said, your string blends into the background.

And depending on whether you also want to learn to be a camera operator, you may want to look up the terms “bloom”, “backlit” and “ND filters”.


I personally wouldn’t worry about this because a yoyo is a lot easier to see than string. Good job Erik.

(Erik Kerber ) #6

^Thanks for the tios you guy’s. I use a Gopro Hero 2 For filming though and I don’t think it has any of those fancy settings you just mentioned though.


When I grow up I want to trick like u. Killer. Job man


Great stuff!

(Erik Kerber ) #9



I respect anyone who can do a horizontal ('cuz I can’t :P). Respect bro. :wink:

And btw, I didn’t find much problem with the string or lighting. Over all, a solid production.

(Erik Kerber ) #11



Great job! I didn’t really have a huge issue with the string, yoyo, or lighting. Nice fingerspin! Oh, and great song choice. :smiley:

(Erik Kerber ) #13

Yea thats a good song :smiley:

(Erik Kerber ) #14

Any other suggestions?