string visibility

is there a way to make string more visible while recording I use an hd webcam and use an lg viper any editing software or effect I could use to make string visible I use green toxic string and orange kitty string. also when I throw ithe string and the yoyo is blurry,

Bright direct and indirect lighting and high contrast between your body/background and the string/yoyo. The blur is probably because of the low lighting. Check your camera settings for a higher fps as well.

Some people put a blacklight behind the camera or near your feet so it will make the string pop a little more, but it usually isn’t necessary.

Good luck!

My roommate edits my videos and uses a program called “Color” and uses that to bring out the neon yellow of the string in most of our videos. I think the program is expensive, though, and is also pretty tough to use on something as thin as string, but it can be done.