String Visibility, In videos

Hey guys! So, I’m having issues with string visibility in my yoyo video.
I’m trying to record some tech tricks etc.
But for some reason. the string literally isn’t showing at all.
It’s really weird, as I’ve made plenty of videos before.
any tips?

The most obvious change would be better lighting. Other than that, use bright, neon string. Yellow and orange then to show up better on camera.

Tthrow in front of a dark backdrop, a black shirt is also good. A blacklight set up in front of you can also make your string show up better.

*Edit: 5 second ninja on the blacklight

Other than lighting and bright string you can use black lights off camera and that will help colors pop. Amazing sells them for fairly cheap really. Also doing a little bit of color correction during editing can help a whole bunch. Not sure what program you are using to do editing, but I’m sure it had some sort of color correction in it.

Dark shirt, light/bright colored string, light source behind the camera (not in front of the camera or behind you), blacklight, and color correction in editing all help increase string visibility.

So Black everything and a blacklight?
Sounds good. I have a blacklight.
Hm.I just gotta figure out how to place it in a good spot

Have sunlight or some sort of light shining on you in front of you. A black background, black shirt, neon yellow string.

Natural light is an amazing help for string contrast.

So, I Just threw on my Black shirt, and my Black light.
WOW It looks good! the video is a bit dark, but thats fine. nothing a bit of editing can’t brighten up.
Thankyou guys!

Your Welcome…

You’re* LOL

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You are welcome.