backwards motion

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Yay new video!

Feedback appreciated!

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just in general:

  1. always always ALWAYS smooth out your tricks before you film them. a couple of tricks in this video were a little choppy, especially in the 5a. get a responsive yoyo (or just use thick lube) and practice your tricks on that, and also practice stringing tricks together. you would be amazed at how much that adds to the smoothness and all around playing. it also is way more fun to watch. at some points this was very good in the video and i could tell those are the tricks you practice a lot. others i could tell that you recently learned them.

  2. remember, you have the ability to edit stuff out. i remember there was a point that for 5 seconds all that was shown was your doorway, until you walk in. edit that out. also there were a few mistakes. edit those out. you look like a better player when you dont make mistakes, and everyone makes mistakes. so you can edit those out and look better.

  3. bad lighting and weird angles can be annoying. the first part, the camera was under you. this is fine if you do it for a little bit. if you do it for way too long (which you sort of did), it gets annoying because no one can see what is going on. also, when you were doing 5a, the lighting was really dark. try to get the light source to come from around the same direction as the camera.

v light v

= :slight_smile:
^ camera ^ you

that is my attempt at a diagram. if the light is behind you, you look are shrouded in shadows. it hurts my eyes to have to focus on the string when it is that dark. also, highlights help this.

so keep these in mind when you make a video, and keep on making those cool tricks. a lot were very original.


I like it nice video nothing wrong with a little darkness.


well if he wants us to see his tricks then yes their is a problem…and owl city is mehh

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I agree about owl city my bro bought it on my cp,and it was the only song i had on my laptop that was long enough for the video.