New video RAINY DAY

(202andrew) #1

this is my new video rainy day. comments appreciated. enjoy.

(J. Lev) #2

The tricks were very good, as was the filming and editing.

I pose a few suggestions, however.

  • Smoothness: Yoyoing is pretty much putting on a show. And if you show people this incredibly amazing trick, but it doesn’t flow together, it won’t look good. Don’t stop at all during your trick unless you’re showing a formation or something like that.

  • There were a couple of points in there where it seemed like you had an error or were a bit confused. It happens to everyone. Remember: there’s no time limit to make your video. Just try it again, no big deal!

Very good stuff though. I can’t wait to see a new one!

(202andrew) #3

thanks. I will work on it then I will make a new video.


Liked those triangles :wink: and the tower at the end.


I think everything looked good but I think you should cut your string a bit it will really help smooth you out since most of your tricks look like your arm movements are exaggerated to compensate for the longer string length.

Keep going loved the vid.

(202andrew) #6

thanks. I will start to cut my string.

(202andrew) #7

thanks. I like doing a lot of triangles.

(Zach Smith) #8

Agreed. You had good moves but you had too many “drops”. By drops I mean you finished a trick then drop the yoyo and do another one. It looks really awkward and clucky. Not to say you didn’t have good tricks because you did, but the flow wasn’t there. And when you make a video, you want to be as smooth a possible. So work on your flow.

One more thing I saw that I see new(ish) players do is gazillions of triangles. They’re cool, but really, I think they are more for like punctuation on the end of a trick/combo. Just something I thought I would point out.

Good tricks, good video, GREAT potential. Keep it up! :slight_smile:


Yay, someone else who likes GT’s a lot. But I agree with everyone else, it needs to be smoother. But it was still a great vid. ;D

(202andrew) #10

yeah I love triangles.

(202andrew) #11

thanks. that will make me try harder. I will work more on smoothness and the flow. thanks for telling me that. now I can get better.


wow i usually can figure out how to do triangles right after i see them but it took me a minute for that first one

(202andrew) #13

yeah I like the first one.


wow that was good. But I have to agree with the others, it needs to be a bit smoother, but your still really good.