kids new video I no the lighting really sucks. sorry guys :frowning: My new video. song: kids by mgmt.

very nice video some tricks needed smoothing out and the lighting was good on most of the clips


Instead of saying thanks, press the thank-you button next time. Just a tip.

nice and you got better editing then me

i do. you have really good editing.

That was pretty good. The slack thing at 1:18 was really cool, but that was the only thing that really caught my eye. Like you said, the lighting could be better and you need to try and get smoother. And something I also noticed is your drops. You did this a lot in the last video I saw, not as much in this one, but they were still there. Between moves you drop the yoyo and then do something else and it looks really awkward. To eliminate this, you can do regenerations or find better flow through your tricks. Ok, that’s my 2 cents. :wink:

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