My 3 years of yoyoing video. *PLEASE WATCH*



Awesome frontstyle. :slight_smile:


Tight! And excellent video editing skills, too. Thanks for sharing.


Wow I have never seen anything so well done other than steak!


Amazing…if you arent sponsored you should be!


great tech, but one thing i want to say is that you should work on being more smooth.

(Kei) #7

Awesome tricks, and awesome editing!
Good job, Keep throwing!


hahaha yeah. One of the best videos I’ve seen, better than some pros.

(laxdude99) #9

wow killer tech


are you sponsored? if not… why the heck aren’t you

edit: this my be my favorite yoyo video… ever


Always amazing stuff from you! I will look forward to your next one! :wink:


Fantastic stuff! Great skills, great editing and some inspired location choices. Bravo!



Man, that is beast! great tricks, great editing, all around nice. Looks like you put a lot of work into this.


i hope “that was amazing.” is how you pronounce it in Bulgarian.


That is amazing! Keep up on the great work man!

(Jerrod) #16



Thank you very much for the support guys!

@JohnnyJ Thank you! Yes in this video i didn’t like how sloppy my tricks turned out in my older videos i play smoother but still not perfectly smooth so i am working on that now :slight_smile:

Please share the video if its not the problem :slight_smile: I want this to be my most watched video as its my best video yet.


something i forgot to mention as well… YOUR FREAKING GOOD KID!!
Serouisly dude… your awesome at this.

(Waylon) #19



Good job, man. Not bad at all.