new video

here is my new video.
Please comment. please rate and subscribe if you have a youtube. agian please comment. let me here what you think. I no I need to learn more tricks. sorry for the bad filming. enjoy :slight_smile:

that was a good video i will definately subscribe look out for it my youtube name is
wait for it
but not in caps

The video just seemed… sloppy to me. :-\

well i just learned to film so I am trying and I suck at yoyoing. but I want to get better. I have been looking at totorilals.

I suggest that you get some lighting on you instead of having light coming from you. Which means don’t have that amount of light shining through that window.

alright I will work on that.

Yeah. Make sure that the light is behind the camera, and that the light behind you is less than that. Make sure there isn’t too much light from behind you.

Anyway, just a tip, if you mess up, cut that out of the video, don’t show it.

I agree. Tighten up the screws. Make sure you where a dark shirt and have the rest of the room dark with the only light sorce shining on you from behind the camera. desk lamps are great for this. Its what I use in my vids. Also, work on smother transitions between tricks. It felt a little clunky. Keep practicing and I’m sure you’ll get better! :smiley: