My first video…

Comments are appreciated…
I’m not that good, so…

(Eleazar) #2

Your not that bad good tricks and flow. Just make sure that in your next video the yoyo stays in the screen :wink:


I’ll try to keep my yoyo on the screen…
My next video will be much better…(Hopefully)


Besides the zooming out, that was great! Such beautiful flow.


I’m trying to zoom out…
But my room is too small.
And if I go outside, the lighting is bad and you can’t see the string well…
What’s the best lighting position?

(202andrew) #6

really good. maybe we can have a video battle soon. :wink:

(Nova) #7

What he said. :wink:


Sun behindd the camera, camera a little lower than eye level.

Pretty awesome, nice flow.


You say you’re not, but you’re actually really good. I loved the hopping tricks you did with the camera at a upward angle!

Keep it up! Can’t wait for your next video!



Don’t mean to necro or something but I don’t want to make different thread for one same video…
I’m just telling that I got the Youtube (I just made an account) version of my video…




Please don’t bring back old threads, justayo. Look at the date of the last post before you make your reply. Thanks. :wink: