Video tips?

Hey guys and gals! I’m starting to make my first yo yo video and was wondering what suggestions you have on making good videos. I’ve never officially made one but I have the software and a camera so I can do it! Any and all advice will be greatly appreciated ;D

I’ve never made a video, but from a watchers perspective…

Make it so we can actually see you string/what you’re doing. Don’t film from far away, wearing a white shirt, with white string and be surprised if we have absolutely no idea what’s happening. It’s really important to have good visibility in a yoyo video.

Make sure that the song you’re using fits the video.

Use a tripod or some sort of stable surface when filming… please.

If you want your video to be exceptionally awesome, film in an awesome location. The best videos transition from one place to another throughout the video.

My .02cents

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A problem I’ve been having is keeping the whole trick inside the frame. I like to use closer up shots so people can see whats going on but sometimes when I’m doing a trick the yoyo flys out of the screen. Also don’t go overboard with the editing.

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Thanks for the advice! I’ll take that into account when I hopefully video tomorrow!