tips for video making

for those people who made a video can you give me some tips(like where to play etc.etc.)for my 1st video thanks…

Where to play. Don’t play in one spot. Like Samad’s videos, do it around town or around your house, not in a room. Use visible string so people can see what your doing. Don’t blend in with objects behind you. (Especially camo!) Use a good yoyo and a new string. Don’t let it snap in the video. Good luck! :wink:


Another tip, it seems like lots of people who make videos are really stiff and tensed up. Remember to relax your shoulders and relax your muscles. Don’t get tensed up.

Ayep, this movie has popped out before, but it has some very handy tips. You should also make several takes where you can pick up your favourite and blend different angles. If you fail to do it, cut that off.

Removing the mistakes and shutting down the camera-part + some different angles create a whole different looking video.

Always remove mistakes. Find a good backdrop or make your own with some black fabric (If that’s the color you want). Make sure the string is visible. Don’t wear a white shirt, even if you use black string. Then you are better off using a light colored shirt. Use different shirts and do some test-takes just to check the visibility. Use the best quality settings on your camera and look hard for it (I just found a way to double the resolution on my camera :)). Use some good music that you like. And if your music gets caught in YouTube’s copyright thingy (I can’t get my vids past for some reason), audio swap then upload your video to vimeo and use that as a reference. Have fun. Yoyoing has always been about having fun.