making first video, any tips or advice??

hi, im currently at about 1.5 months of yoyoing, and i was going to make a short video to document my progress. anyway, and tips about backgrounds, structure, or tricks even?

i should warn you the video will probly be like a minute or 1:30, and most of the tricks are fairly mid paced (not too fast).

also, do you have to own rights to the music to upload on youtube?


  1. Outside (NOt in your room or house. Outside)
  2. Dark Shirt
  3. Light String
  4. Smile
  5. Good Music (Not Annoying Like Screemo)
  6. Decent Editing Job (Make your video look good!)
    If you do that you should have a great video.

in the vid section Yo!It’sMatt has a how to make a quality video thread with tons of tips and examples