First attempt at a video(5A) today i busted out the good ol movie maker and a yoyo and made my first video. Please help me improve my videos in the future with comments, but please no “this sucks”. I have feelings ::slight_smile:

very good keep it up

I have a tip for you.

Take out the audio and put in your own with music that you like and think others will like too.

Other than that, the video was pretty good. It had good tricks, I loved to glowing counterweight, and overall it was just a good video. It was a little short, though.

Good job, though! Keep working on them!

Yea it was just what I was able to get out of like 10 minutes of being in front of my iPhone. And is it possible to add music using windows movie maker?

I’m not sure.

I’ve never actually made a video yet :stuck_out_tongue: