my best yoyo video yet and some 4a and 5a i modified it. yes i really did  please enjoy

by the way i unmasked myself on a trampoline video i made

No need to double post, there is a modify button on the original post, you can use that. :wink:

ok but did u like it

It was okay

thanks. i think.

I liked it a lot more than your other vids. You really are improving lots!

Just try to smoothen your transitions a little bit and you will be surprised about how much better your yoyoing looks.

Good job

thank you alot i used windoes movie maker to edit my video

that was pretty good
you might want to ad a little light in the room
but over all nice one!!

you’re better without the mask


thank you. the only reason it was kinda dark is because it was like 9 o clock at night. but thanks and subscribe



i’m gonna start keeping track of how many times we have to ask you not to double post, haha, no, seriously. Anyways the video was ok, i think you went a little effect happy though.

yea i did that was my first video using windows movie maker

i can tell

okay i love that you are yoyoing dont get me wrong and i love that you make videos… But your videos all contain the same tricks and they are a little repetative.i think you should make one video with all the tricks you like and then another one when you learn alot more tricks but what i see your doing is making a new vid eveytime you learn a new trick or two. when i got into the video section all i see are your vids which is great but could you slow it down a little like i would learn alot more tricks then make a new vid next time. just my opinion and im trying to help. hope i did. and please dont keep double posting and if you want to make it more interesting then you could ad music

happy throwing

ok will do