my best yoyo video yet and some 4a and 5a i modified it. yes i really did

(Themaskedyoyoer) #1  please enjoy

(Themaskedyoyoer) #2

by the way i unmasked myself on a trampoline video i made

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No need to double post, there is a modify button on the original post, you can use that. :wink:

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ok but did u like it

(Q) #5

It was okay

(Themaskedyoyoer) #6

thanks. i think.


I liked it a lot more than your other vids. You really are improving lots!

Just try to smoothen your transitions a little bit and you will be surprised about how much better your yoyoing looks.

Good job

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thank you alot i used windoes movie maker to edit my video


that was pretty good
you might want to ad a little light in the room
but over all nice one!!


you’re better without the mask



(Themaskedyoyoer) #12

thank you. the only reason it was kinda dark is because it was like 9 o clock at night. but thanks and subscribe



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(M²) #15

i’m gonna start keeping track of how many times we have to ask you not to double post, haha, no, seriously. Anyways the video was ok, i think you went a little effect happy though.

(Themaskedyoyoer) #16

yea i did that was my first video using windows movie maker


i can tell


okay i love that you are yoyoing dont get me wrong and i love that you make videos… But your videos all contain the same tricks and they are a little repetative.i think you should make one video with all the tricks you like and then another one when you learn alot more tricks but what i see your doing is making a new vid eveytime you learn a new trick or two. when i got into the video section all i see are your vids which is great but could you slow it down a little like i would learn alot more tricks then make a new vid next time. just my opinion and im trying to help. hope i did. and please dont keep double posting and if you want to make it more interesting then you could ad music

happy throwing

(Themaskedyoyoer) #19

ok will do