Been so looong..


Hi guys,
Been a while since i made a vid. a pal decided to make one of me anyway. skills are a bit rusty…well, quite rusty.

Please comment :slight_smile:


Nice video, I really enjoy videos that are more yoyoing and less video editing to make the person look flawless. Keep it up man.


Nice vid also you have the best sig i’ve seen in a while


Thanks guys. will work on makin some more :slight_smile:


That was awesome dude


Loved the video! I too like the complex simplicity of it all. And it looks like you’re just having some fun. Looking forward to more


Pretty great for being “a bit rusty” :stuck_out_tongue:


I used to spend close to three or four hours a day trying to land And whut and Kwijibo when i was starting out to yoyo. Then balancin school and practice became complicated.Was reduced to playing/practicing twice or thrice a week to almost once a month. so yeah, “a bit rusty” seems true enough :smiley: