Been so looong..

Hi guys,
Been a while since i made a vid. a pal decided to make one of me anyway. skills are a bit rusty…well, quite rusty.

Please comment :slight_smile:

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Nice video, I really enjoy videos that are more yoyoing and less video editing to make the person look flawless. Keep it up man.

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Nice vid also you have the best sig i’ve seen in a while

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Thanks guys. will work on makin some more :slight_smile:

That was awesome dude

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Loved the video! I too like the complex simplicity of it all. And it looks like you’re just having some fun. Looking forward to more

Pretty great for being “a bit rusty” :stuck_out_tongue:

I used to spend close to three or four hours a day trying to land And whut and Kwijibo when i was starting out to yoyo. Then balancin school and practice became complicated.Was reduced to playing/practicing twice or thrice a week to almost once a month. so yeah, “a bit rusty” seems true enough :smiley: