Hey i just made a new video showing off my yoyo progress.

Tell me what you think, and check out my first vid in my channel if u havent seen it and compare :stuck_out_tongue:

You and I have been yoyoing for pretty much the same amount of time :D. I think you made good progress in a month, just like I had.

Great ! any video? :smiley:


For some people, yoyo’ing clicks. Obviously it’s working for you. Stick with it.

However, for me, coming in as an “older” thrower, as in “Geeze, I’m 39, and I’m starting this” and now 40, this ain’t coming easy for me. That video almost makes me look like I’m standing still. But that’s OK for me.

In general though: It’s obvious when people enjoy what they are doing. I encourage you to continue this as long as you want to do this. Very good!

yes :smiley:

Nice video, and nice progress, you are pretty smooth and have a good flow from one trick to the next. I’ve been “reyoing” for about a year now and I can do most of that but not as fluid and consistently.

You’re progressing awesomely!

thank you ! :smiley:

For you who hasnt seen my video i just want you to check it out :stuck_out_tongue: thank you =D