7 months vid


7 months of yoyoing from Rudy Winkler on Vimeo.

new video. I hope you all like it. Gimme some feedback on it


Nice video! You’re really good for being only 7 months in. Probably better then me and I’ve been at it for a year and 5 months.


Not fair been yoyoing for six cant do have of of that or a quater:(


Looking good, man! Nice yoyo, too. :wink: Glad to see it being thrown and well!


Well thanks everyone! Makes me wanna keep going and getting better.

And yeah emil its great! I love that yoyo, its looks, its feel, everything is great about it.




How did you??

That’s incredible for 7 months.

I wish my progression was that fast. :slight_smile:




My goal is to be that good next month. I have been yoyoing for almost 7 months since I got a proyo. Maybe I’ll make a video today… You have inspired me!!!


Thats the goal :slight_smile:



Made my video  ;D



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