What Happened?

Recently, I made a new video, and someone (not naming names) commented that my tricks were boring. I want to get really good right now and gain more subscribers, but it just isn’t happening.

Here is an example of one of my videos.


Am I making good progress for 7 months?

You’re awesome

Don’t listen to what others think :wink:

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Ya! Those are the people that ruin yoyoing…

If that’s just 7 months, your making great progress. KEEP IT UP! Don’t worry what other people think.


Thanks man. BTW, I used the Wet Whistle in one of my videos, and I love it!

Very nice! I’d say you are doing quite well for 7 months. :slight_smile:

Yeah, it’s a little boring in general. But you know what? It doesn’t matter what I think. I’ve bee throwing for 8 months and it’s been tough going and you’re way ahead of me. You’re clearly enjoying yourself. The rest isn’t important.

So, if you like videoing, then KEEP at it. Your video style will grow and evolve, as will your yoyo abilities. I say don’t change anything for now.

About all I would suggest are solid color shirts so we can see the string better. Ignore the haters!

If you are looking for others approval you will always be disappointed. So, I recommend keep throwing stuff out for your own enjoyment and letting others see how much you enjoy it. If they like it great, if you want to improve your videos take the suggestions, but be careful about caring too much about what others say or you will go into depression! Haha, there are mean people out there!

For 7 months you are doing awesome! Much better than me. But from an entertainment video stand point, nothing caught my eye that would make me want to subscribe. But for me it is creating unique big tricks or awesome video editing that makes me go wow.

I have NO idea what those other guys were thinking, I enjoyed your video and the tricks are great.
keep up the good work :wink:

Thanks man! :slight_smile: It would help a lot if you subscribe lol, just kidding :wink:

dont listen to those jerks. you’re very good and your tricks are not boring.

Thank you