My 1 year video

Well its been a year, might as well make a video right. Here it is. Any feed back would be awesome

I have been working at this for a lot longer than a year and I can only hope to eventually get as smooth as you are now. Great job.

I’m coming up on 8 months of back into yoyoing and am no where near that awesome job man keep it up!

Nice technicality to your throwing! Also loved that song choice!
I noticed you tend to pause a bit in between elements in many of your tricks, maybe that might be something to work on for the future? You definitely have quite a bit of originality which I love seeing.
And one year? Amazing. Keep it up!

Woah Thanks for all the nice comments guys! It means a lot!

Yeah im trying to get smoother just not quite there yet.

Nice. More light would be better I think though.

Good work for 1 year!

Very cool! Hope I’m that good after 1 year. =)