One Year

(BaileyT) #1

Heres my one year video. It didn’t turn out quite as yell as I would have liked, but, whatever :stuck_out_tongue:


Awesome, awesome style. :smiley:


Very Nice, Very Smooth, Very Complicated! Loved that vid, inspired me to make a vid too (:

(202andrew) #4

Very smooth. Unbelievable for one year.

(BaileyT) #5

Thanks for the comments guys!
I honestly didn’t think it was that smoth, but i guess it was better than i though ;D


wow your good for a year!


That was excellent. :slight_smile:


I’m coming closer to my 1 year (February) and I hope to be as good as you! Great vid.

(Khent G) #9

Ur really good :)very smooth. if u put those tricks in a contest u would propbaly be so close to winning it. great vid!!!


Ummm…wow.That was amazing.I can sense your the next Jensen.


Nice video, I have been yoyoing for a year and I am not even close to playing as good as you.