Just Another YoYo video

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6siMALe5iS8&feature=youtu.be this is only my second real video so i’m still a little nervous. be sure to drop a like and maybe subscribe for some more videos soon. I’d love to get some feedback so if you can, thanks.


Bump, what do you guys think?

The tricks are very nice. You already have a sense of tech which is good. I still don’t know how to do any tech.

I think you need to get an editor that you have. The words across the screen are a little annoying. But the tricks were good, which is what matters.

I know, I hate my editing software but right now it gets the job done

Oooohhhh… your yoyo has a different color on each side. :stuck_out_tongue: I thought you changed yoyos every other clip.
Nice tricks, like the variation of Radioactive for music. Although, it seemed kind of dark to me.

Music choice is always a difficult part, it controls your tempo and sets the mood, I thought my choice was okay… My latest video had better music I think