Artistic YoYo Video, What do you guys think?

I haven’t been active at forums, I didn’t even know the YYN went down!. I know I’m not allowed to name other shops but that shop is no more existing. I was quite shocked…

I’m a student studying Media Production.
Even though I have been playing yoyo for 6 years, I’m not a learning addict. I just keep playing over and over what I’ve learned in the very beginning. So nothing too fancy here but I rather relyed on the overall presentation. I wanted to create a ‘good feeling’ for viewers who will watch it.
What do you guys think? Comment/Criticism welcome.

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I liked it man, very nice production content in there, even though the tricks were a little simple they seemed flashy to the audience, so overall good job man! ;D

Thanks ^_^"
Yes very simple indeed, completely aware of that haha. People around me (non-yoyoers) still gets surprised at these tricks, hopefully this will inspire the people around me to start yoyoing.
Thanks for your comment, really appreciate it. =D

extremely well put together! loved the music and everything!

^completely agree. Looks like a lot of planning went into the video. Also that shirt is awesome 8)

Cool :smiley:

Thanks guys! ;D

Thanks! and Thanks for the video, I didn’t know how to post it with preview until i saw your code. =p

Nice but it was a little long for that intro not saying it was bad but for 30 seconds of just seeing yo-yos gets boric.

Understood. I’ll be aware of things like this next time I produce something =p
Thanks for the feedback! :stuck_out_tongue:


Very cool bro! My major is actually multimedia :slight_smile:

The pros:
I really liked the intro. Very nice use of camera movement and lighting. Editing was very good. You executed your tricks smoothly. You looked like you were having fun which made it more enjoyable to watch.

Cons: It was a bit too long altogether and you were starting to repeat a lot of tricks. I feel that the intro really set the bar high but the rest of the video kind of fell flat in certain aspects. It would have been great to get to see more up close shots and different angles of your tricks. The white t shirt makes it difficult to see what you’re doing.

Overall you did a great job editing and executing your tricks. I look forward to seeing more from you.


Thanks!! Very useful feedback!
Yes repeating tricks, I better get back to learning yoyo tricks =p . Thanks for other tips as well.
Very pleased to meet a multimedia major. ^.^

I disagree… that long intro gets people ready to see yoyoing… it kind of “whets the yoyoing appetite.”

I feel the same way too =p
However…Different people have different opinion/taste, it’s up to the media producer to get feedback and make sure balance everything next time and make everyone happy =D