A video that i made for fun with a friend

What do you guys think about it ^^? Please give it a like . Thanks ^^.

Sweet video! I dug the frontstyle combo at 2:18 :slight_smile: I would suggest a shorter intro however, from what I’ve read anything over 5 seconds and you start losing viewers before your video even starts. Looking forward to seeing more from you guys in the future :slight_smile:

Yeah, the intro was a bit long. Other than that, really nice video. You guys have some nice tricks! :smiley:

Wow, nice! No offence, but i expected you to be some kind of noob! I WAS SO WRONG!

Keep up the good work!

Great trick content!

Some advice I can give.

The intro, so some have stated that the intro was too long. I challenge this and say that the intro was not too long, but the content within the intro could have been made much more interesting and appealing.
Instead of showing little snippets of an entire trick going by with the song, try taking little snippets of different tricks to match up with the song. It creates a nice teaser of sorts for the rest of the video and if your trick content is good, it will cause people to want to continue watching.

I would highly recommend being careful with your lighting source. A few of those shots looked like there was direct sunlight hitting the yoyoer, which creates a washed out effect that doesnt look pleasant to see. Diffused lighting is the best light source for yoyoing, so in the shade, or if the sun cannot be avoided, try being at an angle, instead of dead on frontal, that last shot was a good example of this.
Careful of filming into the sun as well, as you got some glare in some of the footage.

Try pulling in the shot for some tricks. When you shoot a trick from a bit far away so much of the player and background is seen, it distracts the viewer from the trick being done, and often caused the trick to feel less significant than it really is. Pulling in and getting closer would make a huge difference.

Otherwise, nice stuff, look forward to seeing what you guys got in the future!


Good point HaruRay, if he had not use the same shot repeatedly, but put in various different interesting shots then the intro would have worked out better I believe. My shorter intro suggestion is based off of researching best practices for vloggers, which I am :slight_smile: and a little from my own experience in my past videos. I say either keep it short and simple, or make it interesting enough that the user doesn’t get bored before the action starts. :slight_smile:

Thanks all of your comments ^^! Next time we make the intro shorter :D!

and better^^!

We try to make a video every week, if my friend and i have time a ^^. That was very helpful thanks :D!

XD thanks!!! We a pros :D!