My new yoyo video.

This is my very best video hope you guys enjoy. Wait till 1:50 it is the best.


Nice vid! Although, I’d advise you to work on your suicides. :wink:

yeah my suicides arent down yet lol

Cool vid man, I didn’t understand the changing rooms every clip but I’d work on a nice, plain background next time with some good lighting. It’s not easy to get it perfect but it would give you that much more of a professional touch. Keep it up.

Take a big step away from the camera. The yoyo was literally gone in the first clip.

Please don’t say that 1:50 is the best when 1:50 is a bunch of lights pointing right at the camera. I was like “hm, didn’t notice that much special at 1:50, better rewind… AAAAH lots of light in the face!!!” You want the light shining in your face, not in my face.

aw c’mon it wasn’t that bad :stuck_out_tongue:

Is there a need for me to comment on the good things. If I comment about the good things and shut up about the bad lighting hitting me in the face, there will probably be more bad lighting hitting me in the face in his next video.

I don’t feel the need to point out the same good things other people point out.

My only advice would be to work on your filmography. Better lighting, better contrast, and angles that provide a full view of you and the yoyo can really make or break a video for most viewers.

Wow. It’s called feedback. And the megapixels have nothing to do with how close you are standing to the camera. A camera with VGA (640x480) movie quality can make a yoyo video. You just need to step away from it, and don’t direct light at it.

And where did I write any “mean comments”? I’ve basically commented on what you’re doing wrong, in an attempt to get you going in the right direction.

But since you obviously don’t want to hear about the things you are doing wron, I’ll go ahead and give you comments on the things you’re doing right:

I can see the string. Your tricks are somewhat creative. You have gotten smoother.

There. I can’t see how those comments will make you step away from your camera or make your lighting better, but you seemed to want it.

Addment: YOU IZ HAPPY NOW?!?!?!?

Pheenix is right. He didn’t tell you what was good because most other people will tell you all the good things. He is a very nice person and always is there to help. >:( >:( >:(

^ Much better form for advice.

I just think Pheenix’s way of approaching it could have been better, see quote above. Everyone has good advice, its just the tone that can sometimes hide the good intentions. :slight_smile:

I agree with Chaos because they both say about the same thing maybe jonas is a little more “in your face” about the certain issues but I also agree this could’ve been said a different way. What you could do is do the “compliment” sandwich. For those who do not know what that is its: A good comment, followed by a criticism, ending with another good comment. This is one of the better ways to respond if your really only aiming to criticize someone this way you won’t have to hear negative feedback from the recipient.

As for the video I find it enjoyable. I would however try to not point the camera at an open light source and to make sure you are not too close to the camera. Aside from that I believe you to be doing great, your way better at yoyoing than I am.

You guys see what I did there? lol

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