How to make a quality video.

I’ve been wanting to make a post about this for a while.
Making a video takes lots of work and effort, but following these simple guidelines can make your video sucessful!

  1. Location, Location, Location.
    Bad example: A dark room, your closet. IN YOUR ROOM
    Good Example: A dense garden, newly painted fence, a rooftop.
    Have plenty of space when you film, find new and unique places that would look good on a camera.
    Have the sun behind the camera to maximize the claraity of the shot.
    Explore new places!

  2. Have a plan!
    Already have an idea of what you are going to film.
    How long is your video going to be? How many tricks do you want to include?
    What song are you going to use? What is the purpose of this video?
    Knowing the general idea of how your video is going to turn out will make the production a whole lot easier.

  3. Cleanliness
    Practice your trick a couple of times before you film it. If you messup on a trick, take another shot.
    Your tricks should be clean and presentable as nobody really wants to watch you mess up. (unless it’s funny of course)
    Edit out all the messups and make sure your tricks are done cleanly.
    Wear a dark shirt and a bright string for the string to be easily seen.
    Have colors stand out against each other.
    EX. (dont have a red string against a red shirt)

  4. Editing
    Many computers come with a editing software, such as windows movie maker. These are perfectly fine for making a good video.
    Learn how to use the progam well and become familliar with it.

    This is something I cannot stress enough.
    Don’t have music playing in the background as a song.
    Make the string easy and clear to see.
    Edit out unessacary clips.
    Put time into this video so that people would want to watch it.
    If you wouldn’t want to watch your own video, neither will others.
    Make it enjoyable to watch, not a chore.

  6. Have fun!
    Making a video is a great way to hang out with friends, being creative, and exploring.
    Find new camera angles, new locations, and add in some fun clips.
    Filmmaking is a wonderful experience.

These are just some guidelines to help you make a quality video that is enjoyable and pleasing to viewers.
And overall have fun!

Here is a good example.

If you have any questions just ask!


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Yeah I watched your video haha.
Roofs are awesome to film on! :smiley:

nice good help and good example even though i know how this still helps me a little

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This is a good guide line. Too bad I dont have a camcorder and I dont know how to edit =P

Roofs are good in moderation.

Great thread. This was a very helpful thing to do, this should help a lot of people who need to work on their videos.

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The example video sucks, so I suggest a better one:

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I liked the example vid better.

Awesome David Ung video is awesome.

Good job! Now I know how to post a quality yoyo video and I can make it better! Thanks again!

Just what I needed, thank you! Even though a lot of this is common sense-ish stuff, it’s great to have it down in black and white so you can actually make a conscious effort to do it.

Yeah I just made it because I always get irritated when I see a video with someone just in their room. >_<

This is really helpful! I’m hoping to make a vid soon but music is a problem right now though… :-[ But I’m hoping it’ll work! And is there any other video editing places I can go? If so pleaswe post link! ;D

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How do you guys acquire the license to use the music in your videos? Or do you have to?

we usually don’t, as long as you’re not using it to promote a company or something like that it’s fine.

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