so this is my first video, but I'm pretty sure it sucks lol

Here ya go. Don’t be too harsh lol with your comments. Usin’ the YoyoFactory JK

quality could be better but overall the vid is pretty awesome!

Good job but one thing that would make me happy is if you edited out walking and turning the camera off. I see it in way too many videos and it’s a pet peeve XD But great use of the JK :slight_smile:

alright. ill work on it. thank you for your advice and great comments ;D

I agree.

I dislike seeing people turn on/off cameras. Since you’re replacing your audio, you can just state “take 1, take 2” and other notes stuff. Take it into your NLE software(non linear editing) and then do your editing there. I mean, that’s what editing is for!\

Performance could be better, but you show the FUN element missing in quite a few videos, so, I’d rather have the GOOD positive energy you showed than a “flawless performance video” any day UNLESS it’s a battle or contest videos.

Videography could be better. A bit closer, less sky. Think centering the yoyo more, so angle DOWN or lower things a bit. But, we CAN see the yoyo AND the string.

Just practice more. Video, yoyo. Above all, keep having fun! Any more videos planned?

thank you for all the advice. this was recorded from my laptop webcam because thats all i had as far as video cameras go. ill get someone else to cut off the video or figure out something else out. and yes i do have more videos planned. i was bored n i always wanted to make a video but never have so i just got up and did it. ill try different tactics at transitioning throws that way the video looks a bit cleaner and better on the eyes lol. but i will try the different tactics that youve told me to try

See about getting a pocket sized camcorder like a Flip or Alesis VideoTrak. That might help a bit, along with a cheap tripod(under $22) that can rise to like 5 feet.

pretty good.

Its very good. Try doin some different tricks and stuff. I saw one trick quite a few times so you might want to find different ways of getting into things.

i know a friend whos got i flip. ill ask him if i can borrow it and ill record on that