one year yoyo vid!

feedback plz!!

You are coming along nicely for one year! :slight_smile:

Some advice. Next time, you might want to record your tricks during a brighter time of the day, the dull lighting made it difficult to see some of your tricks and having a brighter light source would make a huge difference in how your videos turn out.

Also, take the time to edit out mistakes that you find in your footage, if something doesnt feel or flow right, take it out, you could have tons of clean tricks, but having a mess-up in a video often deters the viewer.

Also, the length of your video was a bit long, it was over 3 minutes heading into 4.
Ideally, when making a video, you want to shoot for a video around 2 minutes. This is the general length of the average viewers attention span, and that applies for any yoyo player no matter how good they are.

All in all, I like where your tricks are going, for one year you seem to have a good idea of style and getting a flow down pretty well.

Keep in up, thanks for sharing, and looking forward to see what you put out in the future!


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thanks man! the problem was is i had all those tricks i did down and flowey and perfect before i recorded. and then when i started. i drew a blank and couldent land em well. lolz. and im not to good and camera angle and stuff like that haha. im reletively new to makein vids. thanks for the feedback!!

you 5A was very good, and very fun to watch, but you 1A seemed lacking to me. It didn’t look like the 1A of someone who has been throwing for a year. you said that you drew a blank for tricks when you started recording, so that might have been why, but i did like the video somewhat. don’t take any of what i said to heart though, what do i know, :wink:

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thanks man. dude it annoyed me sooo much!! my one a can be one hundred times better! i have a 2 min long trick that had 3 regens in it and i had it down smooth and i go to record and cant seem to land any of it. i might make a 1 a related vid haha.

i would love to see a vid with you at your best. if its as good as your 5A, im sure it will be a fun watch.
but if you didn’t land it the first time, retake, and try again.

EDIT: 3A was nice as well.

thanks man. i would make the one a vid today but i have to go somewhere and owont be back till dark. so look for it tomarrow i will have it up for sure then. ya 5a is fun. and 3a is dificult hahaha.

the new one a vid