You're guaranteed to like this video

…or not. Either way, enjoy!

Holy cow, that was one of the best videos I’ve seen in a while.

Looking pretty good. Cinematography was well-executed, but pretty plain. Plenty of light for most of it, which is good. One or two different filming angles, but all were well-done.

Trick concepts were nice, too. I liked how you were trying to push the limits of performance (grinding, keeping string slack straight), which is evidence of massive drive to do some really cool things. It looks like a fresh take on a bunch of new stuff shown in some recent freestyles, way to make it your own!


Pretty nice.

Palm grind to gt was very nice.

That is some seriously sick stuff! applause


Really enjoyed that.

wow… that was sick! that first trick was amazing :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks. I agree with you on the cinematography of the video. It could have been better.

One thing that I like about your yoyoing is that you make tricks that would ordinarily be quite choppy look smooth. I think if most people tried your tricks they wouldn’t look nearly as good, even if they made the tricks. 5/5

I can’t view it. ??? ???

Great video and throwing. Couldn’t look away.

Really? It’s enabled for mobile and everything. Try again.

I DIDNT LIKE IT BRO! i loved it… :smiley:
Wish I had those skills. How long you been throwing?

Thanks. I’ve been yoyoing for 7 years now.

What makes the superstar your fav after 7 years?

The shape and the finish of the yoyo. It pretty much has everything I want in a yoyo.

Awesome! Definitely one of my favorites!

Nice vid man! Love your style and how unique it is. If you could just nail some of the string twists and flicking a little faster and smoother, then it would be perfect! You really have some potential. Keep up the good work and get some more vids made!