Gave a random name haha. Just some random video so thought up the tricks on the day itself. Testing my cam cos i nvr used it in this background. Hahas. Practicing my video editing skills also. Dunno. Randomness… Song: Super Shooter by Rip Slyme

Awesome hahaha. For some reason I actually kinda liked the mess-ups and imperfections of the vid. Either that, or the epicness of the rest of the video made up for it! I’m liking your style man.

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Pretty good stuff! You’ve got alot of skill. I really like the combo stating at :59.

Didn’t like the braintwister combos too much though… they get old kinda quick :confused:

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hmmm haha. i’ll take that down. not too good at frontstyle actually. still experimenting with different elements :confused:

I like your style.

Keep experimenting.

Ps Like the combo at :59

Awesome vid ;D

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Wow. Nice video!
Should cut out the movements to and from the camera to stop the video though, and holy crap your string is long for your height. Where does it hit on your stomach? O.O

Awesome video and NICE SONG! Fav’d it :slight_smile:

Wowzers your good…

Great job on the vid. :smiley:

And may I just say…You have a beautiful yard xD

Also the ending with sliding the yoyo in front of the camera was genius. Love love love it

That’s not my yard, unfortunately :confused:
That’s the yard the church i attend owns.
My string length is till just below the chest. I’m more comfortable with longs strings because I find basic/complicated slack tricks much easier to pull off.
Haha thanks!

Wah. YABAI! 1 Year 2 months of play sia.

… only now you know.