My first yoyo video besides tutorials!!!


Title say all you need to know! Except I’ve been yoyoing about 7 months now! :stuck_out_tongue:

Help appreciated



That was an incredible video. Thanks, for the inspiration. :wink:

(JustisEvans) #3

dude u need to buy some metals your good how can u even play with those


Because it’s a great yoyo…lol :stuck_out_tongue:


ooo nice for your next vids you should go outside and look for good backrounds it makes the vids look awsome! :wink:


I know, I just did it because it was dark out. Normally I would though. But thanks anyways!


nice video :wink:

(202andrew) #8

You have some pretty cool tricks.


wear a black shirt, film outside, and have a variety of different backgrounds. but great tricks.


Did you see my other post? But, yeah I should have wore a better shirt, thanks!


7 Months, wow!

All that needs to be said


No, he doesn’t.


whats the little combo thing you do from 3:00-3:18


Very good tricks. I hope I’m at that point in seven months. Awesome job.


Just somthing I made up, but after I made it up I saw it in another yoyo video. :stuck_out_tongue:


cool vid!