Tips on my videos?


So I’ve been throwing for quite some time and I thought I’d sart making videos. Tell me how I did on my first


You did pretty well. What you really need is more clips with tricks and video editing software. also music makes the video more enjoyable ;D


Pretty much this. :slight_smile:

Also, I see that it’s a Sine//Saw, but what colorway? Just out of curiosity. Doesn’t look like a solid from what I can tell from it spinning…


Nice! Try using a black shirt and yellow string, or another combination that pops, the color combo was hard to see… Music would be good, and a few more clips.

But besides that, great!


It’s awesome that you’re coming up with your own unique combos! But one thing that really makes a combo look good that you’re lacking a little bit is flow. Try to make your yoyo move move more smoothly between the strings. You seem to change the direction of your yoyo a lot which results in your combo looking more choppy.


Something everyone loves, is getting footage in obscure places like the Woods, behind buildings, etc.

Shooting footage in cool places is always awesome.

  1. the lighting or room you were in was too dark do it in a brighter area
  2. wear a different color t-shirt so we an see the yo yo string
  3. it doesn’t hurt to add music to give you something to listen to.
  4. a tiny bit of editing can go a long ways


i got it from yoyobestbuy it’s Black Pink/Green/ Blue splash.


And thanks everyone for the advice! I’ll do my best to make my videos better.


Really cool video! 10X better than me, but i would suggest using a more brightly colored string, so that it’s easier to se what you are doing.