My first yoyo video

This is my first video. I sucked in this video and i was nervous. i remembered none of my tricks or combos, and it was a bad day for me. I normally do much better, but this is my first video, enjoy, if you can.

Dont worry about whether or not the video sucked man. You dont have to make superb videos to be a superb yoyoer.

But; I do suggest you wear a black shirt, use bright string, and shorten your string.

Thanks, and yeah, I should wear a black shirt. My yyf shutter is really dinged so it affects the play, it tilts and wobbles and the response is worn out is overall not good, I might get a dv888 and see how much better.

I’ve heard that the shutter is 10x better than the dv888. Go for the rally or level 6.

Ok, what about Duncan strix or werrd hour, or maybe a clyw yeti, too many good options ???

Go for a high-quality plastic to bring around with you. You don’t want to invest a bunch in a high-quality metal if you’re just going to ding the poop out of it. I mean, you can, but it’s a bit silly. I personally love both the protostar, and northstar. The Yeti is really dope too, but it requires a bit of yoyo knowledge/tuning to get it to behave sometimes. I prefer my shutter, as Croco said, tenfold to my DV888.

Now I learned to take care of my throws, so I won’t ding them, so I might get 1of the metals I listed

Your video does not suck. It’s awesome! Well done and nice job putting it out there!

…Are you being sarcastic…

I’m being serious. To record yourself at all and put yourself out there, especially on the Internet, takes guts. You also aren’t bad. Keep practicing and you’ll just get better and better. You clearly love the hobby and you’re trying really hard and did some cool stuff. Only props coming from me. For real. Thanks for sharing.

Great video.It was hard to see the string but that did not really matter.
If you are worked that you will mess up film the video in three or four parts so that way you will not have to delete the whole video when you fell like that part was terrible.
Also if you think you first video sucked mine really sucked
Kepp working on the tricks you were having trouble with and soon you will be able to hitthem I front of a camera almost every time
Remember practice makes perfect.


You did not suck. I know I am about the 5th person to say this, but it’s true. You are not bad, but you are learning. I think it would be a good idea for you to try to cut out the part where you made a mistake as well as wearing a darker shirt. Other than those problems, that was pretty good.

BTW, I love your choice in throws. I have a dinked up Shutter with worn out response pads but it’s still really good. I would just practice with that until you have not dinked it or hit the ground or anything else for a while, then get another metal. It’s not like plastics can’t get scratched or anything like that.

EDIT: I noticed you had trouble with Ninja Vanish. I would not put a trick in a video that you can not hit consistently. I know this from experience. It may get you mad, it may result in you giving up on the trick. Just practice everything you are going to do in your vid over and over to make sure you have it down before filming it. All in all, great job.

It takes nerve to do a video in the first place. And then put it out there for all of us to judge. Awesome! Great effort!

i just got a yyj xlr8 and more string, i will try to make a video and edit it, hopefully it will turn out better.

When I do not like the way I do a trick or tricks I spend a couple days to a week just throwing them and changing them.