Video tips?

I’ve been throwing for a year now and I plan on making a video very soon. The past month or so I have made much progress And I would like to make a video showing what I can do at this point in time. Although I am not that good and much improvement is to be made I think that working on a video will help with my progression and be something fun to do. My best friend recently purchased and camera and will be helping me with the project(he doesnt throw). Since this will be my first attempt I am wondering what things I can do to make it a solid video. Any tips?

Move around and film at different locations. Also, don’t just have straight yoyoing, you need something to break it up in between.

Apparently you have to check your string tension on film so everyone watching Knows its perfect…

Make sure your string is visible in those areas other wise all we see is a Yoyo going up and down.

have a good background
dont use a white background with white string for example
average lighting
try to get the best place
have a tripod (i dont know about others but i hate watching videos captured by hand because the camera will move and ruin the trick)

For me, once I’ve begun to edit the footage I find it helps quite a bit to pick a song early, and to shape the video editting to match the feel of the song. It helps to have watched many videos as well and to know what you like.

For an example here’s the latest video I’ve edited, it was tough to get an idea of where to go until I picked the song and started editing the clips down to fit to it.

What kind of video editing software have you got?