Tutorial on how to Edit videos

So im doing a video battle that we can edit in but i do not know how to take a lot of different videos and put each clip together in one video. Can u make or post a good tutorial you know of.

I’ll make one… 1 sec.

ok thanks a lot!!!

uuummmm? can I get a link?

It’s uploading.

i have some basic tips once you watch his video.

  1. you will want to put your videos to music. preferably something with a strong beet and when filming, be thinking of the song that you are using. this way, you will yoyo at a better tempo and it will fit the video better.

  2. always always ALWAYS use decent lighting. you are facing a camera, and the light source should be above the camera, not behind you. this way, you can see the string better.

  3. make sure that the colors of the string/shirt/backround dont blend. there is nothing worse that a video with bad lighting with a white string and a white shirt on a slightly less white wall. preferably a black wall, or some color not resembling the string, same goes for shirt (but preferably a different color from the wall) and a yellow or green string. if you are using white, than it is ok.

  4. string your tricks together. you have the ability to edit, but dont over edit it. if you can help it, try to do as many tricks (that flow together) in one throw with few mistakes. that way, if there is a mistake somewhere in the middle, you still have decent footage in the beginning and the ending. also, dont use effects.

  5. dont under edit. if you make a mistake, nobody wants to see that. if you push the record button and walk on screen, then edit that part out.

  6. get different angles and locations. this is not mandatory, but it always looks better. outside works well, and it is well lit about half the time depending on where you live.

  7. have fun. i have seen some people lay down some sick sick tricks and did everything i have said, but i just didn’t like the video because it looked like it was an asignment.

Here it is:


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Thanks that really helped me

Your welcome.